Your Earth Day

Simply by booking and staying with us! We would be delighted to exchange with you about travels and life experiences. Sharing a time with you would be much more rewarding than any financial contribution. Therefore, we do not accept donations. On top of this, you will receive a complimentary little tree to plant.

About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of nature lovers that own private villas, and lodging, primary homestays for vacation rentals. We inspire the people to come together to plant trees and care for them.

What We Do

Speak up for nature, we find paths to solve climate change and biodiversity loss. Several initiatives are proposed to our customers. For example, every guest plants a little tree for their stay!

Why With Us

With us, you will have the chance to come closer to the nature, to protect and even restore it – right now and for the next generation. Do your part to create a more sustainable future for our planet.

Every Stay An Earth Day

We are particularly committed to sustainable development and our hotels and accommodation have the specificity to propose to its guests to participate in the common effort to preserve nature and biodiversity in Cambodia.

Our Ethos

"StayNature" ethos is built around what we can do to offset our footprint - and contribute to the local community. The concept of "StayNature" as a whole, we planet together by making Every Stay an Earth Day.

Our Values

Be a companion

StayNature is made for nature lovers, by nature lovers - we’re all on the same nature-loving team. We are friendly, outgoing, loyal and trustworthy. We are your go-to travel buddy, always in for an adventure. We offer guidance and support when needed, no matter what. We’re a life-long companion.

Off the beaten path

Status-quo is not our philosophy. We believe boundaries can - and should - be recreated with insatiable curiosity and exploration. We seek further and dive deeper, using creativity and determination to turn our bold ideas into impactful action. We’ve left “been there, done that” behind.

Leave a positive mark

We’re committed to our team, our guests, our hosts, and local communities around us to promote a healthy, honest, diverse, and inclusive platform. At StayNature, we’re using technology to encourage mutual collaboration and empower people in sharing what they love most: connecting with each other, and with nature.